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What are your rights?

In most cases, you have the right NOT to take a medicine that you do not want to take.

It is much better if an agreement is made between you and your mental health team to try the medicine, to see if it can help. In many cases, also getting a parent or carer to support you and understand the problem and treatment plan gives it the best chance of success.

Sometimes, however, if there are real risks that you could harm yourself or someone else, then that choice may not be possible. The medicine may have to be given to you to keep everyone safe.

If you are worried about the medicine, you must talk to an adult that you trust. If you are nervous about going straight to your mental health team, you could tell a parent, carer, teacher or friend. You could ask that person to go with you to talk to the mental health team, your GP or your local pharmacist. It does not have to be the person who gave you the medicine. Other people will also be able to advise you.

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