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Reporting side effects

A medicine has to go through a lot of tests before it gets a licence to be used in the NHS. During those tests they look at what side-effects it causes. After it gets its licence, however, it is still important to know what side-effects it causes for people. A new side-effect might only be noticed after the tests end, and people are using it in everyday life.

There is a website where you can report any side-effects, no matter how mild or unimportant you think they are. Even if you are not sure that it is from the medicine, if a lot of people start reporting it then we will be able to find out. You can find it at www.yellowcard.gov.uk 

Your report of your side-effect could help all the people who use the medicine.

If you do not want to do the report yourself, you can go to your local pharmacist (chemist) or your GP and ask them to make the report for you. You can also tell your hospital team. Do not be afraid to talk about side-effects – we need your help to keep medicines safe for all people.

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