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Taking Fluoxetine, Haloperidol, Diazepam, Olanzapine

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Taking Fluoxetine, Haloperidol, Diazepam, Olanzapine

I’ve taken Fluoxetine for depression, Haloperidol as a few one-offs for psychotic episodes, I’ve taken Diazepam for psychotic episodes, and I’ve taken Olanzapine for psychosis.

The depression tablets didn’t really work.

The Haloperidol I had a locked-jaw. It was horrible. With that I also felt like a zombie, and dazed-out.

On the Diazepam I just went to sleep, so I don’t remember anything.

On the Olanzapine I gained about 20 kilos in 2 months, so there weren’t many positives to it.

I wasn’t given much information about the side-effects of the medication. I was just given it, and told when to take them.

I’d rather have more information, and an option as to which tablets I could take.