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Taking Ritalin to treat ADHD

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD - taking Ritalin

What problems were you or are you facing? Do you have a diagnosis?

My concentration at school created a negativity around me. The school noticed I was more active, always on the go – I couldn’t stop moving around.

Where did you go for help? Was the info helpful?

CAMHS diagnosed me with both ADHD, and the special needs that I have. They told me what ADHD is, but it took me a while to take it in. I forget stuff - that was really it.

It took me a long time to realise that I had a problem, and that I had to deal with it.

What medication were you or are you taking?

They put me on Ritalin because I had full-blown hyperactivity - even when I’m tired. I came back from Bristol and we’d driven a long time. And I went to the cycling club and did a 20 mile ride. I was so tired but I couldn’t stop. That was the ADHD kicking in.

It’s frustrating – I’m both lucky and unlucky for having it.

What are the side-effects? Positives and negatives?

I go pretty quiet, because it’s like at the edge of your forehead so it just opens up your brain, and it really helps you to concentrate and focus.

What effects did the medication have on the rest of your life?

It has affected me in a good ways - it got my grades up.

Did you have to change your medication? How was that?

I’ve just increased my dosage, that’s it really. It has stayed the same. But you do realise, it does help me to do things easier, like learning and stuff.